Fernando Santos shocked. You won’t believe what he heard at the conference of the Polish national team

Fernando Santos is the coach of the Polish national football team since several months. An experienced coach – as the Poles ironically say – is just learning the „universe of Polish football”.

At the last press conference, Fernando Santos was very dismayed. He was asked to comment on the „bonus scandal”. Such a scandal was supposed to take place between the players of the Polish national team during the autumn-winter World Cup in Qatar.

Bonus scandal in Poland: Polish national team

Journalists, especially those from Poland, pulled the players by the tongue. On the other hand, the Portuguese coach, who probably had no idea about the scandal, quickly ordered media silence in the Polish national team.

Apparently, Santos could not believe that his players had been arguing about public money a few weeks earlier, which – in the event of promotion to the 1/8 finals – had been promised by… the Polish prime minister.

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